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Anxiety by miku-chanxox Anxiety :iconmiku-chanxox:miku-chanxox 1 2
Mature content
Night Life Chapter Two [Hunter x Hunter x Reader] :iconmiku-chanxox:miku-chanxox 1 0
Mature content
Night Life [Hunter x Hunter x Reader] :iconmiku-chanxox:miku-chanxox 1 0
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Underfell - Snowdin - 186 by Kaitogirl Underfell - Snowdin - 186 :iconkaitogirl:Kaitogirl 388 581 Underfell - Snowdin - 126 by Kaitogirl Underfell - Snowdin - 126 :iconkaitogirl:Kaitogirl 444 321 In My Craziness by NanFe In My Craziness :iconnanfe:NanFe 558 5
What you see, What I see
You see sickly pale skin.
I see glowing fair skin.
You see dull yellow, flat hair.
I see steel blonde, smooth locks.
You see dull gray eyes, hidden behind glasses.
I see light blue eyes, decorated with a shining rim.
You see too many freckles.
Back in the day, a spot on your skin was called a "beauty mark". You have MUCH beauty, my dear~
You see short and skinny.
I see cute, and petite!
You see big and fat.
I see a shapely, huggable individual.
You see yourself as a failing artist.
I say: "Leonardo da Vinci didn't paint the Mona Lisa overnight!"
You see crooked, buck-teeth,
At least you have teeth!
You see a large bridged nose.
I see a roman nose. Those are considered the most attractive!
Did you know that your description and my description are basically the same?
Just worded differently!
It all just depends on how y
:iconipku:Ipku 41 17
I'm Black.
I'm White.
I'm Mixed.
It's alright.
I'm Asian.
I'm German.
Not hatin'
Love ya, man.
I'm Les.
I'm Gay.
I'm Bi.
Not afraid.
I'm Straight.
Don't want kids.
I'm bipolar.
I'm Autistic.
Down syndrome?
You're still fantastic.
I'm a Mr.
I'm a Miss.
I'm a Brother.
I'm a Sis.
I'm single.
I'm married.
I'm widowed,
but I'm not scary.
I'm anxious.
I'm depressed.
I'm clingy.
I'm obsessed.
I'm artistic.
Musically inclined.
Athletically gifted.
Intellectual Mind.
I'm a girl.
I'm a boy.
I'm neither one.
Don't be annoyed.
I'm Poly.
I'm Trans.
I'm Bigen.
I'm Human.
:iconipku:Ipku 119 95
Sailor Uranus - Sailor Neptune Pullip Dolls by smgallery9 Sailor Uranus - Sailor Neptune Pullip Dolls :iconsmgallery9:smgallery9 3 0 Undertaker and mini clone by jedininjaprincess Undertaker and mini clone :iconjedininjaprincess:jedininjaprincess 6 0 Autumn Trail by ChandlerMattson Autumn Trail :iconchandlermattson:ChandlerMattson 6 1 New outfit by Siniirr New outfit :iconsiniirr:Siniirr 6 0 Sofia by Siniirr Sofia :iconsiniirr:Siniirr 3 0 Sofia by Siniirr Sofia :iconsiniirr:Siniirr 5 1 Autumn by ChandlerMattson Autumn :iconchandlermattson:ChandlerMattson 7 2
Back Here Again
Im not ranting for myself,  I'm ranting for all artists and writers that post their works on here or other sites.
Please please PLEASE think before you comment.  We work hard to present our art to you, and sometimes it takes time. Shit happens and we lose inspiration, or motivation, or we're just too busy. I love writing for you guys, because I know it helps...
It took one comment to make me write this out of annoyance and just so... I could be working on fics write now but this bothers me so much. Dont worry it wasnt a "More Please" this time it was just  5
Literally, just that. Not helpful at all, in fact I am glad I put it up for adoption if thats all you have to say about it.  
Seriously, what motivates you to do what you love besides your passion?  Not people just saying "more" "More Please." Especially not right after we post.  
Like gee, let me just pull another few pages out me eye for you because you’re so motivating with your two word comme
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 7 13
St. Joseph by ChandlerMattson St. Joseph :iconchandlermattson:ChandlerMattson 3 0 Whis-san by TheCreaturesInMyHead Whis-san :iconthecreaturesinmyhead:TheCreaturesInMyHead 21 4 Whis is large.... by AkariMarco
Mature content
Whis is large.... :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 24 18



With no drawing tablet I'm back to pencil and paper. This felt really good to draw actually. I was dealing with anxiety so I drew my anxiety. That's the form I felt it had in that moment. I might do more drawings like this. Though my phone camera is bad I'll have better ones up later. So yeah.

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Cat calling and drunken words came from the men on the other side of the street from her. ___ sighed and pulled her cardigan closer. The women beside her either ignored the men or went over to them. The club she was outside of was packed and she was ready to leave.

A sleek silver mercedes pulled up next to ___. The window rolled down and a hand motioned for her to get in.

"Sorry I'm waiting for my ride."

The man continued to motion for her to get in.

"I'm waiting for a ride so fuck off."

(f/c) gemmed acrylic nails shined in the lights as she flipped the guy off. The car quickly sped away and she ran her hand through her (h/l) (h/c) hair. With a sigh she turned around and started walking down the street.

The occasional car horn could be heard along with the clicking of her stiletto heels on the sidewalk. Her arms wrapped around herself and she glanced over her shoulder every now and then. The feeling of being watched creeping over her.

A car horn honked beside her and she looked over. The silver mercedes from earlier was driving slowly beside her. A motioned her over and she shook her head.

"Thanks but no thanks."

___ called out to him and started walking faster. As she sped up so did the car and fear washed over her. If it had been a normal night she would have gotten in the car, but tonight she was actually sober and aware. The car stopped and a man got out. He had dark shades over his eyes and his hair was slicked back. He started walking over to her and __ panicked. She started walking faster looking at the neon signs ahead to try and get away from him. This section was nothing but shops that had closed for the night and she broke into a sprint.

She'd abandoned her shoes a few minutes ago, but he was still hot on her heels. Quickly she turned down an alley and was about to go into another when she noticed a bar was in this alley and it was open. She ran in and sighed in relief. She sat at the bar and called for the bartender. He noticed her and walked over.

"Do you have a phone? I'm being followed."

The bartender nodded and handed the phone over to her.

"Is that person in here?"

___ glanced around and nodded.

"He's the guy with the slicked back hair and sunglasses over in the corner."

The bartender nodded and made a motion with his hand. A few of the patrons noticed and let out a series of claps and whistles.


__ glanced around confused. The bartender laughed and shook his head.

"You got someone to call miss?"

She nodded.

"Well give them a call don't worry about that guy."

She smiled and dialed her friend's number.

After a conversation with her friend __ handed the phone back to the bartender.

"Thanks a lot."

She smiled. He nodded and gave her a cup of coffee.

"You look like you could use that."

He wiped the counter off and glanced at the corner.

"You know this place is real hard to find. I'm surprised you noticed it."

___ took a sip of her coffee and nodded.

"I would have missed it if it weren't for the blinking lights in a dark alley."

She glanced around as she talked. This place had an odd charm about it. Its brick walls are covered with various poster and portraits of people. The wooden tables with bright pink flowers on each one, and the bar had various scratches and dents in it. The bartender chuckled.

After an hour of being inside ___ glanced over to the corner and noticed no one was there. She looked around and didn't see him anywhere.

"Did he leave...?"

She questioned allowed and stood up. A waitress that was passing by nodded to her.

"He's gone don't worry. Didn't you call a friend? Weren't they suppose to be here?"

Concern laced her voice towards the end of her sentence and you sighed.

"Oh uh no. Um they told me to fuck off."

___ let out a sad laugh and got up from her seat.

"Thanks for letting me hide out here. Um here's for the coffee and a tip for you."

She smiled and placed a five on the table. She handed the waitress a twenty and waved.

"I'll come back here again."

With that ___ left the bar. When she got outside she glanced up at the sign.

"The Delirious. Odd name."

___ walked out onto the main street and caught a taxi tiredly heading back to her loft.
Night Life Chapter Two [Hunter x Hunter x Reader]
Pretty shit chapter but eh I'm just writing this for practice so yeah. Like I said earlier it deals with sensitive topics so yeah... anyway! This chapter and the next few are prolly just gonna revolve around the reader and getting to know the reader's situation. As for grammar and stuff sorry if it's not the best I just write then run it through the hemingway editor. This will be the last time I mention grammar stuff so it's just to let ya'll know. Anway! I hope ya'll are enjoying this weird AU thing I've created. I really don't know who to put the reader with so if you have any suggestions please let me know! 

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Car horns filled the silence and neon lights poured through the window wall into the loft. The room was almost barren only a plain bed sat close by the window wall with a small dresser not too far away from it. A young (h/c) haired girl sat on the bed. A black dress shirt loosely covering her frail body. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair was covering most of her face. Her (e/c) eyes were dull almost lifeless as she took another drink from the bottle in her hand. The smell of alcohol was evident in the apartment. The kitchen's lined with empty liquor bottles and take out containers. She stood up and looks at the bottle in her hand. She knew it was destroying her life but she couldn't stop. Anger started boiling in her. She threw the bottle to the other side of the room watching it smash against the wall. She fell against the bed tears falling down her cheeks.

This isn't how her life was suppose to go. She was suppose to be a famous writer or photographer that traveled all over the world. She wasn't suppose to be someone's paramour that drank away her youth. Then again isn't that what she'd always seen?

She turned over and stared out the window watching the cars fly by the streets below her. The neon shining signs soothed her a little as she let out a shaky breath. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths trying to get rid of her still boiling anger.

Outside of her building the night life continued to be as lively as ever. The scenes and trends differing with each club and bar that lined the streets. Each one with a bright buzzing neon sign trying to attract customers to them. Then there was the one with its entrance as the back of an alley. A small neon sign hung above the door with a few letters flickering in and out 'The Delirious'.
Night Life [Hunter x Hunter x Reader]
The first few chapters are gonna be shit. Just gonna say it now. You probably won't even see anyone from HxH for awhile. This story is gonna be more on the mature side. Just a warning ahead it will deal with the following:
Sexual themes (Probably not a lemon but mentions of sex and sexual acts)
Drug addiction

Yeah this is gonna be my real first attempt at an AU series like this. So please be nice and any help with grammar or anything would be nice. Thanks for reading! 
So I almost just died. Lovely Shoujo (Total shock) [V4] I almost died choking on a piece of bread... I was saved by my brother, but uh...that was too close. I'm getting ready to put a lot of projects on here so just thinking of not being able to was like [#59] Bird - shock smile 



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Nothing much to say. I draw when I can and write when I can. I suck at both but I enjoy both so yeah.

I also make jewelry from time to time. Nothing fancy but I'm learning. I'm also learning to make resin jewelry.

I also have a pretty small but nice collection of figures. Mainly HxH (Hunter x Hunter) figures. (Those are my babies)


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